Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Championships 2018 Singapore Winter Qualifiers

Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Room 302 (Level 3)
Date: 17 December 2017 (Sunday)
Registration: 0900hrs – 1000hrs
Entry Fee: $15 per participant
Door Gift: Asia Championships 2018 Winter Qualifier Sleeves and Center Field Placement Card. (The Asia Championships  2018 Sleeves will be delayed and can only be collected at the end of the month, instructions for collection will only be announced at a later date when the Sleeves have arrived.)
Note: Late comers will not be entertained.
Doorgift image:
Centre Field Placement Card:
field centre placement card 1
1st Place: Trophy, Prized Duel Field and Free Ticket & Accommodation to Asia Championship 2018 @ 21 January 2018 in JAPAN!
1x 1003 – Extreme Force and 1 box of Link VRAINS Pack
2nd Place: Trophy, Prized Duel Field, 1 x Link VRAINS Box and 3x Structure Deck – Power Code Link
3rd & 4th Place: Trophy, Prize Playmat, 1 Box of Duelist Pack: Legend Duelist 2, 1 x Structure Deck – Power Code Link each
5th to 8th place: 1 x Structure Deck – Power Code Link Each.
Registration will be done on-site, and will end strictly at 10am. Late-comers will not be accepted.
Decklist to be submitted on tournament day itself prior to tournament
(Use this template for decklist: http://www.yugioh-card.com/sg/download/event_decklist.pdf)
Tournament format:
Swiss to Top Cut
1. Items required for Tournament
● Card Game ID
New duelists can register for a Card Game ID at https://cardgame-network.konami.net/#/top
● Deck
Main Deck, consisting of a minimum of 40 cards, and a maximum of 60 cards.
●Extra Deck (optional), consisting of 15 or less “Fusion Monster Cards”, “Synchro
Monster Cards”, “Xyz Monster Cards” and/or “Link Monster Cards”.
●Side Deck (optional), consisting of 15 or less cards. Duelists may include “Fusion Monster Cards”, “Synchro Monster Cards”, “Xyz Monster Cards” and/or “Link Monster Cards” in their Side Deck.
● Deck List
Deck List will be collected during registration.
Duelists are responsible for registering a legal deck list and playing with a legal deck.
Illegal Deck List and/or illegal Deck may be subjected to penalties.
● Writing materials for tracking Life Points
Pen and paper.
Calculator (optional), may be used, but Life Points must still be tracked with pen and paper.
● Coin, Dice, Tokens, Counters
Duelists are required to bring sufficient coin, dice, tokens and/or counters if they are running cards whose effects require the usage of such items.
Duelists may only use official Yu-Gi-Oh! tokens or non-Yu-Gi-Oh! cards as their tokens.
Duelist may sleeves their tokens, but they must be of a different design from the Main Deck, Side Deck and Extra Deck.
2. Deck Construction
● Card Legality
Only the following Yu-Gi-Oh! cards can be used for deck construction:
○ 遊戯王 オフィシャルカードゲーム (Japanese)
○ 遊戯王 TRADING CARD GAME (Asia English)
○ 遊戲王 公式卡片遊戲 (Traditional Chinese)
The following Yu-Gi-Oh! cards CANNOT be used for deck construction:
○ Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German)
○ 유희왕 오피셜 카드게임 (Korean)
Duelists must NOT use proxy or counterfeit cards.
● Limit Regulation
The latest Forbidden and Limited List (1/10/17) can be found at http://www.yugioh-card.com/sg/event/rules_guides/forbidden_cardlist.php?list=201710&lang=en
● Card Sleeves/Card Protectors
Only official Konami Yu-Gi-Oh! card sleeves are allowed.
Duelists may choose to “single sleeve” or “double sleeve” their Decks.
Main Deck and Side Deck must be sleeved in identical design. Any “Fusion Monster Cards”, “Synchro Monster Cards”, “Xyz Monster Cards” and/or “Link Monster Cards” in the Side Deck are to be sleeved in identical design as the other Side Deck cards. If the Main Deck is double sleeved, then the Side Deck must also be double sleeved.
Extra Deck must be sleeved in a design different from the Main Deck and Side Deck.
Duelists may have only one card in each sleeve. Duelists may not have anything but that card in the sleeve.
Any sleeves with noticeable patterns or wear may be subjected to penalties.
3. Tournament Rules
● Rule Enforcement
The Head Judge is the final judicial authority and has the final decision on any rulings or penalties during the tournament.
Duelists are required to follow the official instructions announced by a Judge, Head Judge, or Tournament Organiser. Refusal to follow official instructions will be penalized as Unsporting Conduct.
● Tournament Violations
Duelists in violation of any tournament rules or policy may be subjected to penalties.
Cheating, Collusion, Bribery, Wagering and Unsporting Conduct will not be tolerated. Any duelists found in violation may be subjected to penalties or even disqualified.
● Invitation Rights
Duelists of any nationality may participate in the Singapore Qualifier, but only Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents may receive the invitation to represent Singapore in the Asia Championship or Asia Championship SP.
4. Registration Rules
● There will only be 108 players allowed to register for the event.
● The management will be giving number tags to players who has already started queuing up to register for the tournament.
● The player will be awarded the number tag on a first come first serve basis
● The player must have your deck list ready to be submitted in order to be awarded the number tag.
● Players found registering without the number tag will be asked to queue again from the back of the queue
● The player must submit the number tag along with their deck list upon registration.
5. Time Limit Rules
● The time limit for each match will be 35 minutes
SG Cardmart reserves the rights to make any changes with regards to the event at any point of time without notice.
SG Cardmart reserves the rights to take any photos related to the event for marketing purposes such as photos of players, decklists, etc.