Yu-Gi-Oh! Rank-Up League 2018 Season 1 (19/8/18)

Date: 19 August 2018 (Sun)
Time: 1400 hours
Venue: Sanctuary Gaming / Qisahn Level 6 (Orchard)
Add: 545 Orchard Road, #05-11 Far East Shopping Centre S(238882)
Entry fee: Free (Only invited players are allowed into the tournament)
July 2018 OCG Forbidden list
Advanced Format

Door Gift: 1x Rank-Up League 2018 Season 1 Duel Field (Knightmare Unicorn)
1st Place: 1x 2018 Season 1 Champion Duel Field + 12x DBHS Booster Packs
2nd Place: 8x DBHS Booster Packs
3rd & 4th Place: 5x DBHS Booster Packs
For more information about the Rank-Up League, check out the official website linked below.
A few rules to take note of:
1) Participation Mats are only given to the participants who show up, they cannot be collected by others on behalf.
2) As this is an invited tournament, no entry fee will be collected.
3) No Ranking points will be awarded for this Rank-Up Tournament
4) 1400 is the timing for registration, tournament will start at 1430 sharp.
5) No helping of friends to register for the tournament.
*SG CardMart reserves the rights to change any details, terms and conditions of the event at any time.
*SG CardMart reserves the rights to take and use any pictures or photos deem useful for the marketing purpose of this event, including decklists for future reference.
Top 32 for RUL 2018 Season 1