Yu-Gi-Oh! Release Party for 1006 – SOUL FUSION!


Hey guys! There will be a release party event to be held from the 14th of July 2018 to 21st July 2018.

The Tournament event itself will only be on the 21st of July 2018 at Active Game Collections.

All Duelists are required to submit 1 release party ticket to enter the tournament for the event! There will only be 16 slots for the tournament.

And how do you get a ticket for the event? All Duelists who purchase at least 15 packs of the new booster 1006 – Soul Fusion (Asian Print Only) will be able to get 1 Entry ticket for the release party & Lucky Draw; while stocks last only! AND ONLY FROM OUR OFFICIAL SHOPS!

Do note though, there will only be 16 slots available to enter the tournament! For those that are unable to join the tournament, you can still submit your ticket to enter our fabulous lucky draw & claim 1 booster pack at the event venue! Booster Pack claim is only limited to the first 100 people, 1 pack each!

For those that are unable to make it for the event day and have a ticket, you can take a picture of your ticket with the serial number and send the photo along with your full name in WhatsApp to this number 92305559However, you will not be able to claim 1 booster pack if you did not submit your tickets to the event venue on the event day itself.

Please make sure you register your lucky draw ticket by 21st July 2018, if not you will not be registered for the Lucky Draw!

Details of the event

Date: 21 July 2018

Venue: Active Game Collections

Time: 2pm Registration, 2.30pm start play

Time for ticket collection: 2pm to 7pm


Active Game Collections – 8D Yio Chu Kang Road D/E (Level 2) ICB Shopping Center, Singapore 545521

Tournament Format:

  • 16 slots Player limit
  • Single Elimination
  • Duelist’s MAIN deck must include a minimum of 15 cards from the Soul Fusion booster pack.
  • MAIN deck does not include side deck and extra deck.
  • The Duelist’s MAIN deck must still include 15 cards from the Soul Fusion booster pack even AFTER side-decking.
  • Special Limit Regulation to be added on to the Current List:
    Firewall Dragon
    Astrograph Magician
    Sentouki Start-Up Engage
    Aleister the Invoker
    Summon SorceressRestrict to 1:
    Altergeist Silquitous
    Gouki Rematch
    Superbolt Thunder Dragon
    Bestial Thunder Dragon
    Armageddon Knight
    Destrudo the Lost Dragon’s Frisson
    Eclipse Wyvern
    Trickstar Carobein
    Restrict to 2:
    Altergeist Multifaker
    Bolt Thunder Dragon
    Gold Sarcophagus
    Avian Thunder Dragon
    Destiny Hero – Malicious
    Trickstar Candina

Lucky Draw Format: To be drawn at the end of the day on 21 July 2018.

Prizes (Tournament)

1st Prize: Blue-Eyes Chaos Max Exclusive Duel Field & Additional 10 Lucky Draw Chance
2nd Prize: YOTTH 2016 Red Sleeves  & Additional 6 Lucky Draw Chance
3rd & 4th Prize: Additional 4 Lucky Draw Chance
5th to 8th Prize: Additional 2 Lucky Draw Chance

Prizes (Lucky Draw) and their Winners

1st Prize: Nintendo Switch Console : James Wong
2nd Prize: Blue-Eyes Chaos Max Dragon Duel Field: Jonas Bai
3rd Prize: Dark Magician the Dragon Knight Duel Field: Choong Kuok Loon
4th Prize: Dark Magician Girl Duel Field: Loong Xian
5th Prize: Dark Magician Girl Duel Field: Teo Kheng Yeow
6th Prize: YOTTH 2016 Red Sleeves: Chia Zhao Yang
7th Prize: YOTTH 2016 Red Sleeves: Koh Hock Kheng
8th Prize: YOTTH 2016 Red Sleeves: Shaun Lin
9th Prize: YOTTH 2016 Red Sleeves: Willis Oh Tan Ya
10th Prize: Structure Deck – Master Link: Zheng Jifeng
11th Prize: Structure Deck – Master Link: Michael Santoso
12th Prize: Structure Deck – Master Link: Chin Boon Che
13th Prize: Structure Deck – Master Link: Loo Jia Yi, Edmund
14th Prize: Structure Deck – Master Link: Wong Wing Chung
15th Prize: Structure Deck – Master Link: Torrance
16th Prize: Structure Deck – Master Link: Kagen Chow

Pictures of the Prizes

Blue-Eyes Chaos Max Dragon Duel Field


Dark Magician the Dragon Knight Duel Field


Dark Magician Girl Duel Field



SG Cardmart will be contacting the winners on how to collect their prizes when it has been announced on 21 July 2018.

Please make sure you register your lucky draw ticket by then, if not you will not be registered for the Lucky Draw!

**SG CardMart reserves the right to change the details, terms and conditions of the event at any point of time without prior notice.